Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Squeezing Some Time In....

I did find some time yesterday to do this layout. I guess that is how I am going to start going at it from now on is one layout a day. It seems like that is all I have time for anymore even on the weekends if I want to spend time with the Hubby and Children.

I did read in a magazine the other day (scrapbook) that you don't need to scrap all your photos. I wonder if this is why I am so behind and feel overwhelmed. Tell me what do you do with your photos? How do you scrap them? Do you scrap all of them? What about the leftover ones? What do you do with them?

Mr. B is doing well on his diet. We have not bought a scale and decided it was probably best that we did not. He sticks to his diet and we are good about helping him. In fact he is better about it than me most of the time about what foods he can have and what foods he can have. It just makes me sad to see him so young and needing to watch what he eats.

T is doing well after her foot surgery, next week she gets her stitches removed. Yeah she will be able to resume back to her chores. Other than that all is well with her.

National Scrapbook Day is coming upon us what will you be doing?

Monday, April 21, 2008

In A Better Mood....

Well I finally after some time decided to get my rear end back to scrapping and I worked on a few things. Scrap Diner had a week long crop however I was not able to participate. I have not been participating in much things have been crazy here. My whole lower level flooded so I have had a mess in the Kitchen and Living Room. I have not had a whole lot of time to breath much less to visit message boards. This first one is our little brother and his 15 month pictures.

The next few are Mr B.

The next photo is the ATC I did for a local swap Group I am in. We had to do an ATC on our Favorite and I did my Favorite sport Hockey. The next layout is from my daughters birthday a few years back and my good friend Lori came and hosted a scrapbooking party for her and her friends. They had such a great time.

This next layout is a double page layout. It is a birthday page from many years back. I was in a birthday mood. Well I can't figure out how to switch these two pictures.

This last one is just a general one of the family minus me :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

No Pictures.... and no layouts.....

just a post on how things are going and just some random things. I think I am ready just to get away. I am ready to move far away where people don't know me and I don't know people. The only one true thing that is keeping me here is my Dad. I think I need too forget crafting right now and focus on my husband and children. I need to start thinking about my business. We got into a heated discussion the other day and it made me start thinking about some things. I need to get some priorities straight. I just have been in a mood that I want to be left alone by all.

Signing Out,