Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mr. B....

This is Mr. B for his Odyssey Competition last weekend. He was dressed as a California Raisins. His whole team placed 3rd which was a good thing and bad thing. Good because now we don't have to travel for Nationals and bad cause as parents you always want your children to be in first.

Monday, March 8, 2010

2nd Anniversary Crop

Well, on March 20th - 21st The Mosy Scrapper is having it's 2nd Anniversary Crop!! Make sure to mark your calendars. Click on this link to see some sneak peeks and who is sponsoring the crop (so far)! There are TONS of prizes and there is going to be a LOT of challenges, games and giveaways!
Tell your scrappy friends about it and don't forget to come here to register of you haven't already!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do You Have What It Takes??

THE MOSY SCRAPPER is looking for TWO very unique, crafty and spunky new designers to join the TMS team for a three month reign. If you think you've got what it takes to be a 'Mosy Girl' then I challenge you to try out! TMS is a fun challenge board to be involved in. Many scrappers to be inspired by and just become friends with. We have a diversity of scrappers from all over just waiting to learn from you!Please submit the following to no later than midnight, ET, March 24th, 2010: 1.) One new, never before seen OR published layout (any size or topic). 2.) Your favorite creation to date (can be a card, layout, or altered item) 3.) A short bio about yourself 4.) A list of DT's currently on 5.) A link to your blog AND galleryMust register at TMS and have at least 10 posts to the message board in order to be considered. We'd love to get to know all our applicants. Call is open to everyone. Past TMS designers are eligible but must have at least 6 months between reign and this call submission. Please join our 2nd anniversary crop on March 20th-21st for inspiration too!Design Team reign will be for 3 months (May, June, July). Duties for the TWO new designers will be as follows:* Post on the TMS message board on a regular basis* Will be assigned specific challenge topics to help inspire other scrappers* Do one product review of the TMS sponsor for the blog* Do one "how-to", "tutorial" or "make and take" for the blog once a month* Create at least 4 things from each month's sponsored donation* Promote TMS when and wherever possible (i.e. blogs, signature lines, etc)We hope that you take on this challenge. Spread the word to your scrappy friends. We'd love to have them here!Good luck scrappers!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I had a happy moment....

I was chosen and given this...

by a very Sweet lady named Deanna you can see her blog here She is always a great inspiration to me and very helpful when needed.

Help keep the Sunshine Alive and pass this on to brighten others days.

If you accept this blog award please do the following:

1)Place the award in your post or within your blog.

2)Pass this award to six nominees.

3)Link the nominees to your post

.4) Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog.

5)Link to the person you received the award from.

Here are my 6 Sunshine Awards ( in no particular order )

LORI: she has been my best friend for many years, and will always be my best matter what.

Christa: I have come to know this great lady in just a few years. She is a great person to work for and a great person to talk to. She is smart as a friend and as a business person

Janie: she and I have just become friends recently....and lets just say we hit it off right away. This chick has a sense of humor. I love this lady. She makes me laugh.

Stephanie: okay me and this girl go way back...I knew her before she even drove a car. I remember when she turned 18, I remember when she turned 21....yeah lets just say she has been around a while. Ohhh I am sure she has some good gossip on me.

Janet: don't really, really know this wonderful lady like I would like to. Sometimes though I don't think we have to say anything at all and we already know what each other thinks. I know Janet from the message board and she is a spectacular scrapper.

Tonya: I also know Tonya from message board....she also has some super scrappy work. I also do not know this lady as well as some of the other listed.....but due time.

Well there you have it.....there is my Sunshine Awards.

Here is my last two items for Apron Strings Don't Stash it Challenge I had to go back and do the very first challenge and then make a bonus card.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Well another month gone and not sure how many layouts I finished for the month of Feb. I know I did several. Here are a few that I did to finish up the month. The First one is using 2 pieces of chipboard buttons I put together and added jute. The next layout is using 3 different rub ons. The following layout is using photo corners in a different way and I used them by making them into a arrow. The last one is using some Making Memories Easter paper for a non Easter layout