Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am so behind.....

Things have been so crazy lately I have not had a chance to even chat on the boards. I am so bummed I miss all the action. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas time I have made myself scarce. I hope things settle down after the New Year. Speaking of the New Year I am going to be very cranky. Gregg and I are quiting smoking. (Yikes) but the way I look at it is more money to spend on scrapping stuff. Any who here is some of the current projects I have done and will post some more in a bit.


lori said...

how stinkin cute are these?? i love the ornaments and the tin is so vintage-y!! i love the santa hat. you do such beautiful work. now i have to post something on my blog, ugh!!
gorgeous work as usual!!

Nancywithajones said...

OMG THIS IS AWESOME DId you post thesse on diner????? YOU SHOULDDD nad put it in the thread for altered christmas stuff the viva la friday thing so you can be entered up for the prizes. YOU ROCKED THIS GIRLYYYY!
GIRL IF I can quit smoking anyone can quit. I smoked for years and put them down cold turkey and just kep going. then when hurricane katrina came I started smoking again cuz i was a friggin nervous wreck! but then I quit again cold turkey and havent touched it since and that is with my hubby STILL smoking so. AT LEAST yalla re doing it togehter. Hubby will tell me OH lets quit then I quit but he starts back How UNFAIR! BUt wil all my health stuff I JUST HAD TO!!! YOU will feel better for it. Get you some straws the little coffee stirers to chew on that is what i did. and I scrapped like crazy. I would talk to friends online I have yahoo and that hello program to help me get through the cravings. The firs two weeks are the worst then it gets a little easier and I kept telling myself EWW IT STINKS.. NOW it literally makes me nauseaus to smell it. so keep telling yourself that I HAVE FAITH IN YOU> I will also send you some raks to help you out!! LOTS OF CHEWING GUM the trident kind! I need your address! BY THE WAY.. did you ever get that rak? Hubby mailed it like a month ago but some got errrrrr lost in the shuffle. we found a couple of them (hubby had them on top of car and drove off) so I didnt know if y ours was one he found. HE JUST told me about it last week and I kept meaning to ask you.
Man this is like a novel I need to shut up already HA! OK I gotta go clean something
I put up a new project on my blog too. YOU NEED to do a tutorial on Ths.I TOTALLY want to make it!!

Kristen said...

I wish you the best of luck with quitting. I have been quit now for 2.5 years and I feel amazing now. Hang in there.