Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter Cards.....

Are done and in the mail. I decided to jump in on the Easter card swap over at the Diner and I finished up my Easter cards and they have went postal. I did make a few extras so if you have been a good some bunny you might get one.


lori said...

sew stinkin cute!! how totally adorable are these. they remind me of the bunny that we were taught to draw in elementary school {with his backside to you!!} these are really cute.

i love seeing you work on 'other' projects, even though you don't feel like cards are your thing, you got this one done!!! good job.

by the way, i have been a really, really, really good bunny :)!!!

lori said...

i got mine in the mail on friday and i am loving it!! it is on my desk where i see it all the time and think of my sweet friend julie!!

thanks for thinking of me. and by the way... somebunny loves you too!