Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some New Layouts

to share. I worked on these last night while I was waiting for someone to call me back after she left a scrapbook store. Hmmmmmmmm wonder who that could be??


lori said...

wow, i should call you more often and then leave you hanging... looky at what you got done!! good job, girlfriend!!

i love both of these but my fave is hobo day. love the colors, the way everything is in the center and of course...BRACKETS!!!

great job. at least some of us don't have a loud noise on their end of the phone and then say, "i'll call you back" {with a railroad tie impaled in their head} and then NEVER call back.

hmmm...i wonder WHO does THAT??!! ;)

lori said...

okay, on further investigation of your layouts, i gotta say that BAT BOY is pretty stinkin' cute too! the layering & tearing are pluses, and did you add white signo all around each letter??? you have a way of putting that extra detail in that i miss doing, maybe i am too lazy or just not creative enough.

okay, both layouts are fabulous. and the new one that you emailed me a photo of, very touching and 'classy'. love the black and white-ness of the whole thing.

my vote is with you! i am grateful for you my friend and your creativity. luv ya!