Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Few Things I Have Worked On....

These are a few things I have worked on the last few days. I really didn't do much over the 4Th of July weekend. I did manage to get a few layouts finished. Mr. B got 3 home runs the other night at his t-ball game and he was pretty stoked about that. I of course was like that is my son. T is pretty busy with her new boyfriend. They are so cute together.

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lori said...

hmm... which one is my favorite? i would definitely say that it is a tie between samira and hangin out. your style is just getting better and better. (in the sense that those big designers ain't got nothing on you, that's what i was fickin' to say!!)

love all of them. i think that i am jealous that you've got some mojo cuz' i don't. maybe when other things get taken care of... oh i hope!!

love ya!! keep up the amazin' stuff you keep doing.