Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Do I Start?

I have been absent for a bit.... I got my finally entry in for the I was pretty happy with it. I did a clear album. I did not make the design team, but I will be guest designing for the month of October. I will have to retake pictures and post them on here. Last week was a tough week for me I don't know where to even start. Monday- I had a full can of soda explode all over my kitchen and it took me over 2 hours to clean. Tuesday- our sump pump went out and had water flooding our lower level bathroom, and had to replace the sump pump at almost 9 o clock at night. Luckily home depot was just up the street and was still open. Wednesday- I had another soda burst open. The mess was not as bad. Thursday- well that day was just a blurr. Friday- did get better. It was my anniversary. My honey sent me roses and they were beautiful. I did get some layouts finished Sat.


Gabriela said...


Glad you are back! Love your layouts, lovely!

~ Gabriela ~

lori said...

so glad to see that you have had some time to get some creative works done. always glad to see what you have created. i have to pick just one as my favorite??? good, cause i can't!! i love each of these. i think one of the things that i so enjoy is how you capture t & b so well with your camera. and then the feeling of those moments is translated through the photo and the papers, embellishments & journaling.

i love to see how your style continues to expand (way outside your box!!)

can't wait until pinecone press, the thought of at least one night a month (or more!!) to get to spend time with my bud!! so exciting!! love ya!!