Monday, September 8, 2008

All Good Things Do Come To An End......

Well on Friday my Best Friend Lori Surprised me for my Birthday at a crop here locally at one of our fav. places to shop. She had a table all set up for me with my gifts and balloons and even my favorite cake..... pineapple upside down cake. It was all very beautiful. I was very surprised by it all. She is such a stinker. We had a great night just laughing and telling stories, poor Mary (the store owner) she thinks we are nuts. I did not get home till almost 2 in the morning. It was a late night. Lori made me the most beautiful collage ever, she also got me not 1 but 2 Sally Jean charms. Lori also made me this adorable Fairy jar with tiny beads at the bottom. I also got the most adorable box that says party girl on it, she is a creative genius I tell you. She could really make this stuff and sell it on Etsy. Here is some of the pics I took of the items she made me. I am posting these with Lori's permission. I also had the chance to finish a layout of me and T.

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lori said...

the layout is gorgeous!! i knew that it was going to be when you were working on it. you have such patience and ingenuity, i would NEVER sit and cut out all of those pieces. love the title and the different sized letters on you & me.

i too had a wonderful time and just LOVED that i surprised you. i was thrilled to make your gifts and cake and i had a blast going down our memory lane, sorry mary...we are not crazy, just have crazy times!! gotta love it!!

glad that your birthday was good and that you had a good time!!