Friday, November 13, 2009

Lots to Share....

So for this month over at the designers got some beautiful ribbons to use and design with from

I am still creating things with all the ribbon they sent. I just love it. Thank you very much May Arts. Here are some of my creations using some of the items they sent. I also did a layout for Julie Bonner's

I also wanted to mention over at my dear friend is doing a special card challenge for this little boy.....Here is a link to Noah Biorkman's Christmas Card Wish. This is not a hoax and has been checked on and also on You can google it if you need to. Here is the address that you would need to send these cards to:Noah Biorkman1141 Fountain View Circle South Lyon, MI 48178 here is my special card I did for him and his family:

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lori said...

hey there!! i haven't checked out your blog in a bit..... thanks for posting the cards for noah... you are too good!!

also, i LOVE all of your creations... you are one talented chick!! can i be you if i ever grow up?? ;)

love you my wonderful friend!!!