Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Dad's Wedding....

very small and -Private just how they wanted it. It was not a redneck wedding like some of you have asked. Just because that is how you do things in your neck of the woods does not mean that is how we roll. I take offense to that. My dad looked very handsome and Ernie my new Mom was beautiful. I am so happy for both if them. They are so cute together.

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lori said...

nice photos of the wedding. the bride and groom look handsomely beautiful {how's that for covering both??!}

tell your dad {or jim, if you read this...} i am thinking of renewing my vows with david, i have now found not ONLY the wedding singer, but also the wedding piano player. ;) (wink)

very nice photos and the ceremony sounded just wonderful, like a perfect wedding for a couple in love!!! congratulations mr & mrs presson!!