Friday, August 26, 2011

Who Knew.....

Who would have ever thought that Moammar Qaddafi was a scrapbooker? While it is mostly a predominately a female hobby, it is very strange to hear of a male scrapbooker and what is even weirder than that one that is a crazy dictator as well from Libya! Upon Finding Moammar Qaddafi's scrapbook people have learned he was rather fond of Condoleezza Rice. It looks to me like he had a major crush on Condi.I wonder if Condi disclosed all that stuff. Rumors have it saying he gave her $212,000 worth of gifts, including a diamond ring. Anyways, back to the scrapbook....If you look at it, it is rather boring. It needs patterned paper and brads and maybe some Thickers. I'm sure the Arabic alpha stickers are a total pain in the a** to use, with all of those little dots above and below letters and there's only one font! As far as having supplies to's probably hard to get a good CM or CTMH consultant out to Libya! Hmmmm I wonder if he had an account on 2 Peas? I wonder what his name screen name would be? Silence I Kill You? You can read about the article here!

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